The Reception of Continental Ideas in the Common Law World 1820–1920
1993. 253 S.
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Inhalt: M. Reimann, Introduction: Patterns of Reception - M. H. Hoeflich, Roman and Civil Law in the Anglo-American World Before 1850: Lieber, Legaré, and Walker, Roman Lawyers in the Old South - A. Watson, Chancellor Kent's Use of Foreign Law - D. S. Clark, The Civil Law Influence on David Dudley Field's Code of Civil Procedure - S. Riesenfeld, The Impact of German Legal Ideas and Institutions on Legal Thought and Institutions in the United States - R. M. Buxbaum, The Provenance of No-Par Stock: A Comparative History - M. Graziadei, Changing Images of the Law in XIX Century English Legal Thought (The Continental Impulse) - M. Reimann, A Career in Itself. The German Professiorate as a Model for American Legal Academica - J. E. Herget, The Influence of German Thought on American Jurisprudence, 1880-1918 - J. Q. Whitman, Early German Corporatism in America: Limits of the "Social" in the Land of Economics

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