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Questioning and Discussion of World War I as a Defensive War

Cover Der Erste Weltkrieg – ein Verteidigungskrieg?
»The First World War - a defensive war?«: The First World War was the most extensive war in history to date. What were the causes of this war? In the official account of the German government, Germany was engaged in a defensive war. The author questions this account and discusses the role of influential forces in the empire that may have pursued annexationist war aims with the war. Similarly, the significance of World War I for subsequent events in 20th century history is examined. In what [...]

A critical View of the Illegality of Political Strikes

Cover Politischer Streik
»Legal History and Doctrine of the Purpose of Collective Bargaining and the Prohibition of Political Strike«: German courts have ruled that political strikes are unlawful. The right to strike may only be exercised in relation to collective bargaining. As state measures and collective bargaining both influence the working conditions a critical approach of these verdicts is necessary. The legal doctrine of German strike law bases on the dispute between Hans Carl Nipperdey, Ernst Forsthoff and [...]

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