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Recommended Reading on the 75th Anniversary of the GG

Cover Grundgesetz und aleatorische Demokratie
»Sortition and the German Constitution. A Study on the Compatibility of Random Selection and Lottery Based Democratic Institutions with the Democratic Principle of the German Basic Law«: The author analyses sortition based concepts of democracy (e.g. Citizens' Assemblies) from a constitutional perspective. Drawing from the Basic Law's 'eternity clause' (Art. 79(3)) and Democratic Principle (Art. 20(1)), he advocates for a flexible and evolving concept of democracy. Shifting focus from [...]

Volume 2 of the Writings of Tilo Schabert

Cover Von der Natur der Politik und ihren Formen
»On the Nature of Politics and its Forms. Volume 2. On the Writings of Tilo Schabert«: Schabert´s work presents a theory of governing, models of empirical research on governments, an elucidation of the origin of politics in the bodily existence of humans, a manual for the practice of governing, an introduction to a contemporary political science derived from a diagnosis of modernity. Authors coming from different countries, active in various disciplines, interpret Schabert´s writings in their [...]

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