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In Focus: Carl Schmitt's Approach to Literature

Cover Carl Schmitt und die Literatur

»Carl Schmitt and Literature«: Andreas Höfele’s book is the first comprehensive account of the role of literature in the intellectual biography of the controversial jurist and political theorist Carl Schmitt. Identifying the writers, works and literary figures of greatest significance in each phase of Schmitt’s long life, Höfele shows how literature was a key component in the development of Schmitt’s political thought and his mythical view of contemporary history as well as his own role in it.

Gretha Jünger and Carl Schmitt in Portrait

Cover Gretha Jünger und die Sache selbst
»Gretha Jünger and the Thing Itself. A Portrait with Carl Schmitt«: Gretha Jünger influenced the relationship between Carl Schmitt and Ernst Jünger. Before 1945, the tensions in this triad shaped Schmitt's relationship to the NS regime. In the post-war era, their conflicts revealed deeper ideological splits. These changed the triadic relationship, since Gretha Jünger, with her view of the world was closer to Carl Schmitt than her husband. Nonetheless Carl Schmitt broke off contact with her in [...]
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