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New volume of the Literary Studies Yearbook

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David Fishelov: Echo, Narcissus, and the Translator’s Distress

Christiane Witthöft: Doubt, Scepticism, and the Dilemma of Establishing the Truth in Middle High German Epic. An Outline of a Research Field

Christian Seebald: Drawn into Doom. On the Conception of Narrative Suspense in the Nibelungenlied

Barbara Sasse: »Old Poet«, New Readings: Recent Work on Hans Sachs and Perspectives for Future Research

Sergius Kodera: Shadows of Light. Giordano Bruno’s Promethean Dialectic

Jörn Steigerwald: From Love Tragedy to the Tragedy of Love: Jean Racine’s Phèdre

Yashar Mohagheghi: The Celebration of Concepts. On the Homology of Festival and Hymn in Hölderlin and in the French Revolution

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History and literature in conversation

Cover Briefe und Tagebücher zwischen Text und Quelle
In this volume, historians and literary critics jointly explore the literary genres of letters and diaries, which, for historians, are a key historical source. This interdisciplinary perspective opens up new epistemological opportunities, and it demonstrates, how stimulating an interdisciplinary conversation about genres can be. The volume presents a multi-facetted panorama of epistolary and diaristic cultures from the early modern period to the twentieth century.

From the 'Law and Literature' Movement

Cover Tragödie des Rechts
The book breaks down the boundaries between art and science by presenting the materialistic critique of law in the tradition of Karl Marx partly in the form of a modern tragedy. The dramatic text about the plight of Soviet legal theorist Evgeny B. Pashukanis is complemented by further reflections on the role that the critique of law plays in modern society. Together, play and reflections form a new way of scientific-artistic presentation, actualizing Brecht’s epic theatre in the 21st century.
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