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Commentary on the current Treaty Church Law

Cover Kommentar zu den Staatskirchenverträgen der neuen Länder
This commentary deals with the treaties concluded after the reunification of Germany by the eastern states with the Protestant regional churches and the Holy See on the basis of the Wittenberg Treaty of 1993, which – in terms of both style and content – has become the model for all further treaties between state and church(es). Thus, the current treaty law of state-church relations is comprehensively presented from a legal point of view and in a practice-oriented manner.

The truncated Understanding of Race and Racism in German Jurisprudence

Cover Subalternität, Rassismus, Recht
»Subalternity, Racism, Law«: The thesis combines a critical discourse analysis with an analysis of power and law. The broad, empirical analysis can show that German jurisprudence operates with an under-complex understanding of race and racism that reserves racism for extreme forms of violence or equates it with right-wing extremism.

Writings on Public Law

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