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Constitutional Bodies from a Jurisprudential Perspective

Cover Handbuch der Verfassungsorgane im Grundgesetz
»Constitutional Institutions in the German Federal Constitution«: The book provides a study of the constitutional provisions and doctrines governing the constitutional bodies (branches of government) in the German Grundgesetz. At its core, it investigates and compares the powers of the several constitutional bodies installed by the Grundgesetz such as the federal parliament Bundestag, the federal council Bundesrat, the federal government Bundesregierung, the president Bundespräsident, the [...]

Festschrift for Ulrich Sieber on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Cover Digitalisierung, Globalisierung und Risikoprävention

Festschrift für Ulrich Sieber zum 70. Geburtstag. 2 Teilbände

Series: Writings on Civil Law

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