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Turning Point: The End of »End of History«

Our recommended Reading of the Week

Cover Gerechtigkeit aus der Ferne?
»Distant Justice? Challenges in The National Prosecution of International Crimes«: What challenges does the decentral enforcement of international criminal law pose for national justice systems and how can these be overcome? The anthology »Distant Justice?« brings together scholars from various disciplines and representatives from all areas of judicial practice in order to discuss the particularities of national core crimes proceedings and to lay the foundation for an empirically and [...]


22. September 2023
»Besteuerung als Grundlage für Demokratie und Rechtsstaat« ist in unseren Schriften zum Steuerrecht erschienen
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20. September 2023
In Tradition der VJH erscheinen ab 2024 die Vierteljahreshefte zur Arbeits- und Wirtschaftsforschung (VAW)
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22. August 2023
Hören Sie in das vierte Kapitel der Verlagsbiographie ab heute rein!
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Translation of William Voegeli´s Main Work

Cover Der amerikanische Wohlfahrtsstaat
»Never Enough. America’s Limitless Welfare State«: »Der amerikanische Wohlfahrtsstaat« is a translation of William Voegeli’s analysis of America‘s endlessly growing welfare state: »Never Enough« explores the roots and consequences of liberals’ aphasia about the welfare state’s ultimate size and looks at the roles liberals and conservatives play. Using data from OECD, OMD and BLS, Voegeli shows how the welfare state in the US grew and compares to European welfare states.

Theory of Imperative Participation

Cover Der partizipative Staat
»The Participatory State. Participation in Public, Administrative and Procedural Law«: More than fifty years have passed since the participation debate began, yet there is no overarching constitutional theory of participation that encompasses all three branches of government. Dominik Steiger fills this lacuna with his »theory of imperative participation« that is based on the separation of powers doctrine and shows how participation by the people and individuals must be conceptualised to [...]

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Book Exhibitions & Events

28.–30. September 2023

Tagung der Johannes-Althusius-Gesellschaft e.V.

Herrschaft, Krieg und Frieden in der Staatslehre der Frühen Neuzeit

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28.–29. September 2023

9. Prozessrechtstagung

Die Politisierung des Verfahrens(rechts)

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04.–06. October 2023

101. Staatsrechtslehrertagung


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New Issue


Das Historisch-Politische Buch (HPB), Volume 69, Issue 3–4
2021. S. 1–261

New Issue


Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung (ZHF), Volume 50, Issue 1
2023. S. 1–208

New Issue


Journal of Contextual Economics (JCE), Volume 142, Issue 1
2022. S. 1–92

Current Issue


Recht und Politik (RuP), Volume 59, Issue 3
2023. S. 251–356

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