Ebooks on Demand (EoD)

What does »Ebooks on Demand (EoD)« mean?

Ebooks offered »on demand« are produced as soon as they are ordered for the first time.


Why do you offer »Ebooks on Demand (EoD)«?

Due to the EoD procedure you have immediate access to over 90% of our comprehensive backlist in digital format, as well. It thus raises our selection of products to approx. 14,000 ebooks.


How can I distinguish EoDs from regular ebooks?

Ebooks offered regularly are immediately available and not marked separately. Ebooks offered »on demand« have the annotation »Available within 2–4 business days« above the cart button.


Why do I have to wait 2–4 business days until I receive the EoD?

The production process is initiated as soon as you order an EoD: The book will be scanned, the text will be readout and made searchable, an ebook file will be created and uploaded to our eLibrary. That usually takes us 2–4 business days and often falls below the delivery time of the printed issue.


How do I come to know when my EoD is available?

You will get an email from us as soon as your ebook is available for you.


Of what quality is an EoD?

The ebook you download is a fully searchable PDF file whose type face matches the printed issue’s exactly. The EoD can also be fully used in our eLibrary.


Whom shall I contact if I have further questions?

The FAQ site with »Frequently Asked Questions« concerning our ebooks applies for usual ebooks and ebooks available »on demand«. If you have further questions, please contact us via email at ebooksduncker-humblot.de or via telephone at +49 (0)30 790006-54 resp. -41.

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