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Rights & Permissions

  Reprint rights / Data provision

All our publications are protected by copyright. In order to reprint sections from one of our books or journals, you need to acquire permission (a license). We exclusively grant the reprint rights of our books via IPR License.

To make an inquiry, please use the button »Obtain printing lincense« on the corresponding product site. The link will take you directly to the platform IPR License.

There you will find all information concerning the acquisition of reprint rights. If you have any questions regarding the platform, please click the support-button on the IPR License website. Inquiries via phone or email cannot be processed unfortunately.

If you are seeking the rights to reprint a journal article or if you cannot find the button »Obtain printing lincense« on the product site, please contact us directly by email: rights@duncker-humblot.de

We will also check the availability of electronic data upon request. Its provision usually requires a fee.

  Foreign Rights

In case you want to make an inquiry concerning translation rights, please contact us directly: rights@duncker-humblot.de


We will gladly answer any questions in regards to the author's royalty statement and take requests to change your contact details. Please email us at honorar@duncker-humblot.de



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