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Das Hegel-Notizbuch

Philosophy of Religion since the end of the 18th Century

Cover Religionsphilosophie in und nach der Klassischen Deutschen Philosophie
»Philosophy of Religion in and after Classical German Philosophy«: The term »philosophy of religion« has only been in use since the end of the 18th century, and the deepening of the philosophy of religion is closely related to the beginning of classical German philosophy. This anthology therefore deals with the insights into the philosophy of religion at the time of classical German philosophy, i.e. with the concepts of Kant, Fichte, Jacobi, Schleiermacher, Schelling, Hegel, the Left and Right [...]

Kant and the Relationship between Happiness and Morality

Cover Harmonisches Leben
»Harmonious Life. Reflection on Determining the Relationship between Happiness and Morality in Connection to Immanuel Kant«: The study investigates the ethical relationship between happiness and morality in Kant, and argues for the following claim: While rejecting an Incompatibility-Thesis, a Dissonance-Thesis and a Coincidence-Thesis Kant defends a dissonant Harmony-Thesis as the most plausible answer to the fundamental ethical question whether and to what extent morality can lead us to happiness.

Philosophical Writings

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