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Cover Marketing Communications
»Marketing communications« is characterized by a clear composition and fair knowledge representation. The text design, numerous diagrams and a deep structure contribute to this. In addition to all theoretical foundation, the transfer of application is always sought through practical examples.

»Marketing communications« in the German original version is one of the established introductory books in this domain. The English edition now offers non-native speakers a meaningful insight [...]

Health Care Proxy instead of Legal Care

Cover Der betreute Unternehmer
»Entrepreneur under Legal Guardianship«: The thesis deals with the question whether legal guardianship of an entrepreneur is practicable. In the literature, the legal guardianship of an entrepreneur is evaluated very critically. Critics complain about the court's access to company internals and a possible delay due to the courts' approval process. The author examines whether this criticism is valid in terms of both guardianship and corporate law.

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