Human Dignity and Criminal Law

Würzburg Conference on Human Dignity, Human Rights and Criminal Law in Israel and Germany, July 20–22, 2015

2018. 223 S.
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This anthology examines the fundamental legal issues of human rights and human dignity within the context of a comparison of German and Israeli (criminal) law. The scope and importance of human dignity and human rights in the legal systems of both countries are explored and their influence on the criminal legal policies of the respective countries is detailed.


Josef Schuster
Welcoming Address

Izhak Englard
Law and Human Dignity

Yoram Danziger
Freedom of Political Expression, the Right to Equality and Political Boycotts in Israel

Eric Hilgendorf
The Abuse of Human Dignity – Difficulties in Using the Human Dignity Topos Taking the Bio-Ethics Debate as an Example

Barak Medina
The Israeli Supreme Court's Jurisprudence on the Right to Equal Treatment: Competing Views About the Role of Judicial Review

Stefanie Schmahl
Human Dignity in International Human Rights, Humanitarian and International Criminal Law: A Comparative Approach

Kyrill-A. Schwarz
Human Dignity and Freedom of Religion

Mordechai Kremnitzer and Lina Saba-Habesch
Human Dignity and the Right to Due Process

Frank Peter Schuster
Human Dignity, Human Rights and Criminal Procedure – The German Perspective

Miriam Gur-Arye
Human Dignity, Human Rights and the Criminal Law – The Israeli Perspective

Susanne Beck
Human Dignity, Human Rights and Criminal Law – The German Perspective

Rachela Er'el and Doron Shultziner
Human Dignity and the Prison System

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