Mordechai Kremnitzer

Born in Fürth, Germany, Mordechai Kremnitzer studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, from which he received his PhD in 1981. During 1970–1977 he served in the Israel Defense Forces, inter alia as Deputy Chief Prosecutor and as a military judge. Professor Kremnitzer is a professor emeritus of the Faculty of law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, former dean of the Faculty of Law, and director of the Israeli Press Council. He served on several government committees, including the Committee to Examine the Use of Force by the Police, the Committee on Civic Education in Israel, the Committee on Discipline in the Civil Service, the Committee on Conviction on the Basis of Confession and Retrial, and the Public Committee to Examine Penal Policy and the Treatment of Prisoners. Kremnitzer served as Deputy President of the Israel Democratic Institute.

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