Comparative Studies in Continental and Anglo-American Legal History (CSC)

Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur kontinentaleuropäischen und anglo-amerikanischen Rechtsgeschichte

Herausgegeben von Richard Helmholz, Mathias Reimann, Stefan Vogenauer und Reinhard Zimmermann

Legal scholars from every nation are usually guided by the formations of their own legal system and, if they do dare to cross boundaries, by the two big legal »families«: the continental European and the Anglo-American legal system. These two legal systems are usually treated as systems that isolated themselves and have separate historical developments. The goal of the CSC is to correct this skewed view. On the one hand, each of the two legal systems never formed a monolithic unit: one only has to bear in mind the differences between the German and the French legal system or the fact that US Law is drifting away from English Common Law. On the other hand, the model of two isolated legal systems has proven to be fragile and antiquated: the mutual influence and common features are forces that have shaped the legal development substantially on both sides. It is also due to the research results published so far in the CSC, that these notions have been corrected. It is the intent of the CSC, which is kindly sponsored by the Gerda Henkel Foundation, to further bridge the gap between the two legal systems.

Volumes of this series

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A Comparative Legal History

2019. 6 Tab.; X, 679 S.

from 119,90 €

Studies in Legal Hybridity and Jurisdictional Complexity, c1600–1900

2015. 271 S.

from 89,90 €

Zur Rezeption kontinentalen Gläubigeranfechtungsrechts in England

2012. 215 S.

from 69,90 €

Guiding Principles of Judicial Decisions. Vol. 2: 'Foreign' Law

2010. 238 S.

from 74,90 €

Guiding Principles of Judicial Decisions. Vol. 1: Case Law

2006. 293 S.

from 79,90 €

Überlegungen zur Reform des deutschen Stiftungsrechts auf der Grundlage einer historisch-rechtsvergleichenden Untersuchung der Entstehung des modernen deutschen und amerikanischen Stiftungsmodells

2001. 501 S.

from 119,90 €

The Comparative Legal History of the Law of Torts

2001. 399 S.

from 99,90 €

Trust and Treuhand in Historical Perspective

1998. 544 S.

from 129,90 €

The Techniques and Methods of Judicial Records and Law Reports. Vol. 2: Documents

1997. 487 S.

from 99,90 €

The Techniques and Methods of Judicial Records and Law Reports. Vol. 1: Essays

1997. 375 S.

from 89,90 €

Ein Beitrag zur Rezeptions- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte 1748–1914

1995. 130 S.

from 49,90 €

The Comparative Legal History of the Law of Restitution

1999. 2nd Ed.. 334 S.

from 99,90 €

Die deutsche Rechtswissenschaft des 19. Jahrhunderts im amerikanischen Rechtsdenken

1993. 331 S.

from 109,90 €

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