The Laws' Many Bodies

Studies in Legal Hybridity and Jurisdictional Complexity, c1600–1900

2015. 271 S.
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Across the West, a legal system centred on the state, the creation of general national laws, the elimination of competing jurisdictions, and the marginalization of non-legal norms was a very long historical process. This volume examines the »poly-juralism« of Europe's past – its legal hybridity and jurisdictional complexity – through case studies from a number of perspectives and traditions: Anglo-American, continental, Nordic, and mixed. The authors remind us that law precedes and surrounds the state, which is but one source of norms. They contest the anachronistic projection of modern legal nationalism, positivism, and centralism into the past. And these studies challenge both ideas of deep correspondence between laws, culture, and society and the division of Western traditions into reasonably discrete, closed legal families. Indeed, the lessons of this plural past can shed considerable light on the present, both in the West and across the globe.


Seán Patrick Donlan and Dirk Heirbaut
›A Patchwork of Accommodations›: European Legal Hybridity and Jurisdictional Complexity – An Introduction

Adolfo Giuliani
Jurisdictional Complexity in the Ecclesiastical State: A Discussion on the Diversity of Laws in Legal Education and Legal Practice

Bram Van Hofstraeten
Jurisdictional Complexity in Antwerp Company Law (1480–1620)

Alain Wijffels
Ancien Régime France: Legal Particularism under the Absolute Monarchy

Anthony Musson
Jurisdictional Complexity: The Survival of Private Jurisdictions in England

Heikki Pihlajamäki
On Forgotten Jurisdictional Complexities: The Case of Early Modern Sweden

D. De ruysscher
Normative Hybridity in Antwerp Marine Insurance (c. 1650–c. 1700)

Bernard Durand
Pluralism in France in the Modern Era – Between the ›Quest for Justice‹ and ›Uniformity Through the Law‹: The Case of Roussillon

Aniceto Masferrer
Plurality of Laws and Ius Commune in the Spanish Legal Traditions: The Cases of Catalonia and Valencia

John Finlay
Jurisdictional Complexity in Post-Union Scotland

Martin Löhnig
Killing Legal Complexity: The Jurisprudence of the German Reichsgericht in the First Years of its Existence

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Press Reviews

»Dem Band ist starke Beachtung zu wünschen. Gerade die Ergebnisse der einzelnen Tiefbohrungen zeigen, wie reichhaltig die Quellen sprudeln.« Prof. Dr. Peter Oestmann, in: Rechtsgeschiche, Band 25/2017

»Welcher wissenschaftliche Mehrwert ergibt sich, wenn Normativität als Mixtur analysiert wird, wenn es also nicht um die Entwicklung bestimmter Rechtsdisziplinen, -schichten, -figuren oder -kodifikationen geht, sondern um die zuweilen konflikthafte und zuweilen harmonische Interaktion derartiger Entitäten? Der Sammelband zeigt, dass der Mehrwert immens sein kann.« Peter Collin, in: Zeitschrift für Neuere Rechtsgeschichte, Jg. 38, Nr. 3-4/2016

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