Handbuch Kommunikationsmanagement im Marketing

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Handbook of Communication Management in Marketing
2021. I: 133 Abb.; XXX, 552 S.; II: 97 Abb.; XX, S. 553–1223 (671 S.)
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»Handbook of Communication Management in Marketing«: The »Handbook of Communication Management in Marketing« presents all relevant facets of this topic in an up-to-date manner on around 1,100 pages. It is based on the work »Communication Management«, which was first published in 1994, and offers a successful combination of a systematic-analytical foundation and a pronounced application orientation. It provides students of business administration as well as specialists and managers in the business world with well-founded expert knowledge, whether they are newcomers or career changers.


Teilband I
Grundlagen der Marketingkommunikation – Steuerung der Marketingkommunikation – Planung der Marketingkommunikation – Eckpfeiler der Konzeptentwicklung – Medien der Klassischen Werbung

Teilband II
Internet-Kommunikation – Nicht-klassische Basisinstrumente – Nicht-klassische Zusatzinstrumente – Implementierung der Kommunikationspolitik – Elemente der Identitätspolitik – Controlling der Marketingkommunikation – Organisation der Marketingkommunikation

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