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Integration and Adjustment of Global Economies

Direct Investment, Financial Institutions, and International Business Policies

1996. Tab., Abb.; 229 S.
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This book is concerned with various aspects of global economies. Economists from the Universities of Freiburg i. Br. and Nagoya/Japan had met in a joint seminar to discuss these problems. Their analysis concentrated on current trends in Europe and in Asia with special emphasis on Japan. The first part of the extended and updated seminar contributions stresses the importance of foreign direct investment in the process of globalization. The second part deals with the deficiencies and required adjustments of financial institutions. The last part of the book explores international issues on the level of business policy, including the development of global competition, of environmental policies and of world-wide integration of information and communication technologies. The objective of the joint seminar, as reflected in this book, is the mutual understanding of economic problems that emerge with the interplay of globalization and national interests.


Inhalt: T. Dams, Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries in a Changing World Economy: Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Results - T. Matsugi, Recent Trends in Foreign Direct Investments - J. Mᵃ Castro-López, Regional Distribution and Patterns of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in the European Union and Spain. An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Japanese FDI into Spain - M. Qudrat-e-Khoda, Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh: Policies and Problems - A. Oberhauser, The Problems of the Debt Criteria in the Treaty of the European Union (Treaty of Maastricht) - H.-H. Francke, The European Currency Area and the European Financial Equalization System - J. Senda, Non-Performing Bank Loans and Banking Policy in Recent Japan - T. Kanegae, On the Reform of the Central Banking System in Japan - H. Okuno, The Reform of the Japanese Financial System and Finance for Small- and Medium-Size Enterprises - S. Hauser, International Competition, Inter-firm-trade and the Money Side of the Economy in Germany, USA and Japan - W. Scherf, Additional Labour Cost and its Problem in International Competition - H.-J. Brink †, Designing Environmental Protection within Organizations in the Federal Republic of Germany: Concepts and Perspectives - F. Schober, The Strategic Role of Information and Communication Technology for International Business Coordination

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