Annual Review of Law and Ethics

Founded in 1993 by B. Sharon Byrd, Joachim Hruschka and Jan C. Joerden. Edited by Jan C. Joerden and Jan C. Schuhr.

Volumes 1 (1993) to 27 (2019) are available under Series.

ISSN 0944-4610 (Print)
ISSN 2628-9121 (Online)

About Journal

With this journal, the editors intend to permit an international, interdisciplinary discussion of legal and ethical issues approached from an historical, theoretical or comparative point of view. Each of the individual volumes emphasizes one particular issue at the interface of law and philosophy, and also contains contributions from the fields of economics, sociology and political science.

Indexing and Abstracting

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Editorial Office

Editorial Office – Correspondence address:

Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik
Europa-Universität Viadrina
Frankfurt (Oder)

Information for Authors:

Manuscripts should be send as a Word-file with footnotes (not endnotes).
Two copies of the manuscript must be submitted, one of which should not include the author’s
name. Manuscripts must be original and subject to no other copyright claims. Submission
of the manuscript represents the simultaneous transfer of the author’s copyright to the publisher
unless and until the manuscript is rejected by the editors for publication.
The title of the article should be clearly indicated and separated from any subtitles. Section
titles in the text should be ordered: I., 1., a), etc. This convention may also be used to separate
text sections even without accompanying section titles.
New paragraphs in the text should be indicated by skipping a spaced line. Changes made
after the manuscript is in the printing process (dividing paragraphs, combining several paragraphs
into one, etc.) are expensive and the additional costs will be charged to the author.
Text parts, quotations, outlines, etc. that are to be printed in petit type should be formatted
Emphasized words and phrases should be indicated by italics. Book titles should be italicized
in the text and in normal type in the footnotes. Author’s names should be in normal
type in the text. When combined with a citation to their works in the footnotes, author’s
names should be italicized. Titles of articles or parts of books should be in quotation marks
both in the text and in the footnotes.
Citations should include the author’s name, the title of the book or article (followed by the
title of the book in which the article appeared), the city of publication (if more than one city, then
each city separated by a slash): the publisher, year, page (p.). In case articles from edited books
are cited, the name(s) of the editor(s) (in normal type) should be preceded by “in:” and followed
by “ed(s):”. In the case of several editors, their names should be separated by a slash ( / ). If a
book is cited only under the name of the editor(s), then the editor’(s’) name(s) should be italicized.
Name, Book Title, City / City: Publisher, Year, Page.
Name, “Article Title”, in: Editor / Editor, eds: Book Title, City: Publisher, Year, Page.
Citations to U.S. law review articles and legal materials should follow Blue Book conventions.
Whenawork is cited the second and subsequent times “Ibid.” should be used if the reference
is to the immediately preceding citation and should be followed by a comma and the page reference.
If the subsequent reference is not to the immediately preceding citation, the author’s
name should be re-cited (italicized) and followed by (op. cit. fn.*), p.*.
Cross references to one’s own article should be made to sections and subsections of the text
and not to page or footnote numbers.

Authors will receive only one set of proofs for correction. Corrections must be limited to
what is absolutely necessary. Excessive alterations are costly and will be charged to the author.
Authors will receive one copy of the entire volume in which their articles appear and an electronic
reprint of the individual article free of charge. Authors may purchase additional volumes
at 25% off the retail price from the publisher.
Manuscripts should be sent to the editorial office address given above.

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