Image: Klaus-Michael Kodalle
Klaus-Michael Kodalle

Klaus-M. Kodalle was a professor of practical philosophy at the University of Jena. He published numerous books on the relationship between politics and religion (including Hobbes, C. Schmitt, Bonhoeffer). He draws attention to the constellation of the state of exception and the non-conformity of the individual. The most important inspiration here is S. Kierkegaard (publication »Die Eroberung des Nutzlosen«, 1988). Since the world-historical upheaval of 1989/90, Kodalle has turned to the politically and morally extraordinary experiential dimension of forgiveness. In several books, Kodalle examined the systematic dimensions and historical manifestations of the idea and concept of forgiveness (»Verzeihung denken«, 2013). He is a member of the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz and holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Hamburg (Ev. Theologie).

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