Imprisonment for International Crimes

An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the ICTY Sentence Enforcement Practice

2020. 4 Tab., 7 farb. Abb.; XVI, 375 S.
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ISBN 978-3-428-15994-9


1. Research Questions and Methodology
Questions – Methods
2. Sentencing Practice of the ICTY in the Context of International Criminal Justice: A Preliminary Overview
International Criminal Justice and its Overarching Aims – Achieving the Overarching Aims: The Issue of Legitimacy in the ICTY’s Sentencing Practice – Summary
3. Understanding Macro-Criminality
Macro-Criminality: Etiological Delineations of International Crimes – Towards a Typology of Perpetrators – Summary
4. Rehabilitation and Macro-Criminality
Imprisonment and Human Rights: Unveiling the Concept of Rehabilitation – Archetype of the International Prison Institution: the Spandau Prison – Summary
5. The ICTY and a New System for the Enforcement of International Sentences
Basic Characteristics of the System – Consideration of Challenges for the Legitimacy of Enforcement – Summary
6.Enforcement of ICTY Sentences in Practice
General Policy on the Enforcement of ICTY Sentences – Designation of the State of Enforcement – Enforcement of ICTY Sentences in National Prisons – Evaluation
7. Summary and Suggestions for Improvement
The Hippocratic Principle: »Primum Non Nocere« – First, Do No Harm – More Transparency / More Cooperation with National Authorities in Perpetrators’Home States – Openness to Communication

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