Comparative Studies in the History of Insurance Law / Studien zur vergleichenden Geschichte des Versicherungsrechts (HIL)

Edited by Phillip Hellwege

As a consequence of the great many differences between the national insurance laws in Europe there is, as yet, no European Single Market in the insurance sector. Consequently, the harmonization of European insurance law is on the agenda of scholarship and on the political agenda. However, in order to harmonize law, one first has to understand the existing differences between the national legal systems. The method of comparative legal history wants to introduce a historical perspective to explaining today's differences. The differences which we observe today are the product of a historical development. In order to harmonize law one has to understand these historical developments. Yet, research in the history of insurance law has fallen into neglect. The series »Comparative Studies in the History of Insurance Law« wants to overcome this state of research and it is a forum bringing together research in the comparative legal history of insurance law.

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