Cover: Anthropology, Existence and Individuals (AEI)
Anthropology, Existence and Individuals (AEI)

Edited by Jan Patrick Heiss and Albert Piette

Anthropology describes and analyses society in a way that circumnavigates the study of individuals. Individuals mainly feature as cases that exemplify social structures or cultural schemes or as carriers of a life-history. Individuals, however, have an existence of their own that deserves to be studied. This book collection wants to establish the study of individuals as a theme in anthropology and it wants to fathom the discoveries to be made in this field. How does and how should anthropology conceive of individuals? How are we to describe their existence? What are the relations between society and individual? How do we approach the theme methodologically? Which historical or social factors shape our notions of individuals and our enquiries? The book series offers a forum for theoretical reflections, methodological discussions and empirical case studies.

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An essay (or experiment) in the anthropology of the individual

2015. 17 Abb.; 329 S.
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Theory and Methodology in Existential Anthropology. Translated by Matthew Cunningham

2015. Tab., Abb.; 119 S.
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