Why is the waiver of my right of revocation mandatory when buying digital content?

In general you have a legal right of revocation – even when buying digital content (e.g. ebooks). The lawmaker created a special expiration regulation (§ 356 Abs. 5. BGB n. F.) to prevent malpractice. When buying digital content the right of revocation expires

1. if the entrepreneur has started the execution of the contract,

2. if the customer has explicitly agreed to the execution of the contract by the entrepreneur before the expiration of the revocation period,

3. if the customer has confirmed to have knowledge of the loss of his or her right of revocation at the beginning of the execution of the contract.

The entrepreneur usually starts the execution of the contract with the designation of digital content (e.g. ebooks). This regulation affects all digital content that is not saved on physical media/data storage devices. Digital content is “data produced and provided in digital form” and therefore includes i.a. ebooks and ejournals.


How do I get to my purchased ebook?

Ebooks are provided in the »Duncker & Humblot eLibrary« as soon as the payment is completed (Ebooks on Demand are available within 2–4 business days). Please click on »Meine E-Books« in your user account to access the eLibrary directly. You will find all the ebooks you have purchased there; you can read, edit (bookmarks and notes), and print them, copy text, and search the whole eLibrary.

Of course you can also dowload the ebook and read it on any device that support PDF files.


What is the »eLibrary«?

The Duncker & Humblot eLibrary is the online platform on which you can access your purchased ebooks. You can get to the eLibrary by clicking on »Meine E-Books« in your user account.


How long resp. how many times is it possible to access the purchased ebook?

You have temporary unlimited access to the ebook in the eLibrary.


Which format is the ebook?

The eLibrary is an HTML5 application. If you download the ebook you receive a PDF file.


What technical requirements are needed to use the ebook?

All you need is an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader or a browser that has an integrated PDF reader.


Is there any technical protection that affect the use of the downloaded ebook?

No. We forbear from »hard« DRM (Digital Rights Management) and stamp your ebook copy only with a personalized digital watermark.


Whom shall I contact if I have questions or technical problems?

Please write an email to ebooks@duncker-humblot.de, or call us at +49 (0)30 790006-54 resp. 34.


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