Verfassungstheoretische Gespräche (VTG)

Herausgegeben von Julian Krüper und Heiko Sauer

Constitutional theory is in demand – as a critical counterpart of constitutional law as well as a common project of the constitutional sciences. Constitutional issues claim relevance over a broad scientific spectrum – in jurisprudence, history, political science, sociology, philosophy and of course economics. The concept of global constitutionalism addresses the significance of constitutional thought in the 21st century. The structure of fragmented societies questions the feasibility of constitutional normativity as such. And as it has always been –  stasis and dynamics of constitutional law have to be balanced cautiously and the institutional guardianship of the constitution needs to be secured time and again.

This series intends to offer a forum to address those issues and make room for the reasonings of historical and contemporary constitutional theory. It is mainly dedicated to publish the proceedings of the »Verfassungstheoretische Gespräche BO/BN«, a joint lecture of the universities of Bochum and Bonn.


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