Studies on Media Law

Herausgegeben von Marcus Schladebach und Christian Schertz

The publication series „Studien zum Medienrecht“ (Studies on Media Law) is an academic forum for the discussion of media law in its entire breadth. Both public and civil media law are currently subject to a special dynamic. While the debates in media law in the past primarily concerned the classic media genres such as broadcasting (television and radio), the press and film, the technically induced convergence of the media led to the emergence of the New Media, for which the merging of the traditional media and the Internet as a mediation infrastructure are characteristic.
The media industry must respond to these new challenges.
This results in numerous new legal questions to the German and European media law system. This applies in particular to the protection of personal rights, which has come under considerable pressure due to the increasing brutalisation of private and public communication. The „Studies on Media Law“ therefore intend, in addition to the academic analysis of current media law issues, to formulate suggestions and proposals for the modernisation of the media legal order.


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