Sprache und Medialität des Rechts / Language and Media of Law (SMR)

Herausgegeben von Ralph Christensen und Friedemann Vogel

Language and law are a well-established subject matter. Until now, language has either been under- or overvalued. It was undervalued by lawyers who believed their own language skills are sufficient to solve all problems. It was overvalued by theorists of the linguistic turn, who believed that language analysis can replace legal argumentation. By expanding and deepening linguistic reflection to include media reflection, we open up a middle way. This middle way does not see language as a mere aid nor as a panacea, rather it examines the connection between social power and law in language.

The subject matter of the »Language and Media of Law« (SMR) series is the linguistic and media makeup of law. The focus is on the multimodal behaviour patterns, procedures and routines which constitute, reproduce or modify law and lawlessness in different cultures, epochs and technical media settings. Special emphasis is placed on the institutionalised forms of linguistic interaction and legal text work in legislation, jurisdiction and executive action (administration, police etc.); cross-border cooperation (international and transnational law) and multilingualism; the juridification of the digital and the digitisation of the legal.

The series is intended as a contribution to interdisciplinary, legal-linguistic theory, and empirical and practical work, and it appeals equally to legal scholars and linguists, philosophers and sociologists, and media (culture) and communication researchers. The series editors invite prospective authors to submit manuscript proposals, either in the form of monographs (e.g. academic dissertations) or joint publications (e.g. conference proceedings). The submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed by the series editors and at least one external reviewer.

Volumes of this series

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Instrumentalföderalismus in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika und in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland als romantisch-lyrische Lesekonvention vor Gericht

2023. 13 Abb.; 1.271 S.
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(Ed.) |  (Ed.) |  (Ed.)

Theoretische Überlegungen und Fallstudien

2022. 11 Tab., 12 Abb.; 226 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

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Evaluation der gesetzesredaktorischen Arbeit zur Optimierung von Rechtsvorschriften im Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz

2022. 23 farb. Abb., 176 S.
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Ein europäisch-rechtslinguistischer Ansatz

2021. 1 Tab., 2 Abb.; 106 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

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Studien zur Sprachlosigkeit im verfassten Rechtsstaat. Mit einem Vorwort von Friedrich Müller

2017. 3 Tab., 12 Abb.; 243 S.

from 79,90 €

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