Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Innovation (EMI)

Herausgegeben Christian D. Schade

The book series in mainly concerned with innovative behavior on markets, i.e., with entrepreneurship and market entry with innovations, also by big companies. Besides the important paradigm of decision research and experimental research, the book series is open for rigorous approaches from other fields such as those using econometric approaches. Sophisticated theoretical work also finds a place here. Monographs as well as anthologies can be published. Contributions can be in German or English.

Volumes of this series

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Experimentelle Beiträge zur Konsumenten- und Entrepreneurshipforschung

2014. Tab., Abb.; 268 S.

from 79,90 €

Eine Analyse aus soziologischer und mikrotheoretischer Sicht

2007. Tab., Abb.; 231 S.

from 70,00 €

Entscheidungs- und Risikoverhalten von Unternehmensgründern und Venture-Finanziers in kulturellen Kontexten. Theoriebildung und empirische Analysen

2006. Tab., Abb.; XXIV, 480 S.
Available as:  Book

from 78,00 €

First Haniel-Kreis Meeting on Entrepreneurship Research

2006. Tab., Abb.; 121 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 61,90 €

Festschrift für Klaus Peter Kaas zum 65. Geburtstag

2005. Frontispiz, Tab., Abb.; 316 S.

from 88,00 €

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