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Wolfgang Rüfner

Wolfgang Rüfner received his doctorate in Bonn in 1962 as a student of Ulrich Scheuner and achieved habilitation in 1966 for the subjects of Constitutional and Administrative Law. He was Professor of Public Law at the Universities of Kiel (1969-1979) and of the Saarland (1979-1985), and Professor of Public Law and Canon Law at the University of Cologne. After his retirement, he headed the Institute for State-Church Law of the Dioceses of Germany in Bonn (1998-2010).

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(Ed.) | (Ed.) | (Ed.) et al.

Dritte, grundlegend neubearbeitete Auflage. Band 1, 2 und 3

2020. Band 1: 2 Abb.; XLVI, 1166 S. Band 2: X, 1206 S.; Band 3: X, 1046 S.
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Festschrift für Joseph Listl zum 70. Geburtstag

1999. Frontispiz; XIV, 1115 S.
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Schriften zum Staatskirchenrecht und Kirchenrecht. Hrsg. von Josef Isensee / Wolfgang Rüfner in Verbindung mit Wilhelm Rees

1996. 2 Halbbde.; zus. LXII, 1173 S.
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Gesammelte Schriften. Hrsg. von Joseph Listl / Wolfgang Rüfner

1978. 875 S.
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(Ed.) | (Ed.) | (Ed.) et al.
1973. Frontispiz; 602 S.
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Untersuchungen zum Problem der leistenden Verwaltung

1967. 460 S.

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