Shuhong Zhao

Zhao Shuhong, Ph.D., is professor at College for Criminal Law Science of Beijing Normal University, China. His research focuses on a wide range of criminal law science, including criminal law, such as corpus delicti and its elements, criminal responsibility, stages of committing a crime, sentencing for serious crime, and criminology, such as domestic violence, and intimate partner homicide. During the past decade, Professor Zhao won prestigious research grants, including a grant for a study of the sentencing for serious crime from Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law and Fritz Thyssen Foundation in Germany. He has published a considerable number of valuable academic articles in various distinguished journals in the field, which have been a part of teaching literature in China.

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Eine vergleichende theoretische und empirische Studie zur Bestimmung der Strafe. Unter Mitarbeit von Volker Grundies

2022. 33 Tab., 38 Abb.; 189 S.
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