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Do you want to review one of our books?

To send you a review copy, we need information on which journal/newspaper the review is scheduled to be published in; even better would be a request from the editorial department of the journal/newspaper (sent by post, email or fax).

You can easily order the review copy via our homepage. To do so click the button “Review copy” next to the detailed information on the respective title.

Please send us a copy of the review after publication, as a print or electronic version. The review should be published less than 18 months after receiving the review copy. We do not consider bibliographical listings as reviews. Should you decide not to write a review, please return the book in a good condition.

Cover download

You can download a web-optimized cover file directly from our homepage. Click the button “Cover download” next to the detailed information on the respective title.
If you need a version suitable for printing or other graphic material, please feel free to contact us.

Interview requests / contact to authors

Would you like to contact one of our authors? While we cannot divulge private addresses, we will gladly forward your inquiry.

Information on the publishing house

 About us
History of the publishing house

Please contact us if you need more information, printable versions or other material.

Reviews in our journals

If you want to offer your publication to be reviewed in one of our journals, please contact the respective editorial department.


Your contacts for all inquiries concerning press & PR and reviews

Arlett Günther
Manager Advertising/PR
Tel. +49 30 / 79 00 06 - 40

Antonia Schlothauer
Press / Reviews
Tel. +49 30 / 79 00 06 - 35
PC-Fax +49 30 / 79 00 06 - 735

Almut Konsek
Press / Reviews EWP
Tel. +49 30 / 79 00 06 - 36


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