Oliver Lücke

After his studies of laws at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Oliver Lücke received his doctorate from the University of Regensburg under Prof. Dr. Richardi and is active as lawyer and certified specialist for employment law at Munich. For a long time he regularly participates in the legal discussion by publishing articles in professional journals such as the »Neue Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht« (NZA) and »Betriebs-Berater« (BB). In addition he is co-editor of ›Hümmerich/Lücke/Mauer‹, Employment Law, a leading employment law form book and ›Lücke/Schaub‹, Board Member of a stock corporation, and Co-Author of the GmbHG-Commentary from ›Saenger/Inhester‹. 2019 the magazine »Wirtschaftswoche« named Oliver Lücke as one of the »TOP Lawyers on Data Protection 2019«. Particularly against the background of his specialization in questions of board and managing director liability, he deals with liability issues in companies, including the specific question of the liability regime when using artificial intelligence in companies.

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