Michael Kilian

Michael Kilian was Professor of Law (Ordinarius) in the Faculty of Law at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg from 1992 to 2014, where he held the Chair of Public Law, International and European law. Prior to this Kilian was Professor in Heidelberg.  He had completed a doctorate on the topic of »Protection of the environment through international organisations« (»Umweltschutz durch Internationale Organisationen«) in 1985, under the supervision of Thomas Oppermann. This was followed in 1990 by his habilitation research, on the topic of »Subsidiary budgets of the Federal Government« (»Nebenhaushalte des Bundes«) under the supervision of Oppermann and Ferdinand Kirchhof. In the period 1978 to 1982 Kilian worked as private secretary to Professor Dr.Dr.h.c.mult. Walter Hallstein. From 1993 to 2000 he was a member of the Constitutional Court of Sachsen-Anhalt.  He has been in practice (Counsel) with PHP in Dresden since 2015.

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