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Meinolf Arens

Meinolf Arens, studied Eastern European, Middle and New History as well as European Ethnology in Münster and Vienna. PhD 2001 on Habsburg and Transylvania 1600–1605; Publications on minority issues in Eastern Europe, on recent and early medieval history in the Danube-Carpathian-Black Sea Reagion and on the history of religion. Organization of numerous scientific events in different countries including lectures and study trips there: Contribution to the Studium Translyvanicum 1988–2009, Forum Romania since 2003–2010, Moldovans Csángós 2003–2008, Forum Hungaricum 2010–2014, Forum Ost 2016-2020. 2000–2013 research assistant at various institutions in Munich and Vienna, since 2012 head of INTEREG in Munich.

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