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Martin Tielke

After his studies of German language and literature, sociology and political science in Marburg, Göttingen and Berlin, which he completed with a doctorate in 1978, Martin Tielke was trained as an academic librarian at the Staatsbibliothek Berlin and from 1981 to 2008 headed the Landschaftsbibliothek in Aurich/Ostfriesland. In addition to publications on book and library history and Northwest German regional history, he has published on Carl Schmitt and Ernst Jünger. In 2015 his edition of all five books of the Carl Schmitt glossary was published in collaboration with Gerd Giesler; in 2018 the edition of the Schmitt diaries from 1925 to 1929, also in collaboration with Giesler, was published.

Books by this Author

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2023. 15 Abb.; 802 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 99,90 €

2020. 10 Abb.; 440 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 69,90 €

(Ed.) |  (Ed.)

Hrsg. von Martin Tielke / Gerd Giesler

2018. 22 Abb.; XXXVIII, 545 S.

from 69,99 €

(Ed.) |  (Ed.)

Aufzeichnungen aus den Jahren 1947 bis 1958

2015. 2. Aufl. Erweiterte, berichtigte und kommentierte Neuausgabe. Hrsg. von Gerd Giesler / Martin Tielke.. Abb.; XIII, 557 S.

from 69,90 €

(Ed.) |  (Ed.)

Der Briefwechsel von Carl Schmitt mit Nicolaus, Corina und Werner Sombart

2015. 4 Bildtafeln (10 Abb.); 263 S.

from 39,90 €

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