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Martin Hille

Prof. Dr. Martin Hille teaches modern and contemporary history at the University of Passau. He is research associate of the Historical Commission at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich. Doctoral thesis on the rural history of southern Bavaria in the Thirty Years War at the University of Munich 1994. 2008 Habilitation at the University of Passau with a study on the mood of catholic chroniclers in the Reformation century. His research focuses first on the social, communication, mental and intellectual history of the confessional age. Further studies concern the political and regional history of the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich.

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Festschrift für Hans-Christof Kraus zum 65. Geburtstag

2023. Frontispiz; 608 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

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Der Herrscher als ›christus domini, vicarius Christi‹ und ›sacra majestas‹. Gesammelte Aufsätze. Zum 65. Geburtstag hrsg. von Martin Hille / Marc von Knorring / Hans-Christof Kraus unter Mitarbeit von Andreas Fohrer

2017. Frontispiz; 564 S.

from 129,90 €

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