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Markus D. Dubber

Markus Dirk Dubber studied philosophy (Harvard, B.A. 1988) and law (Stanford, J.D. 1991). 1993 until 2009 Professor of Law and Founding Director, Buffalo Criminal Law Center, State University of New York at Buffalo; since 2009 Professor of Law and Criminology as well as Director, Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto. Selected publications: »The Police Power: Patriarchy and the Foundations of American Government«; »Criminal Law: A Comparative Approach«; »Einführung in das US-amerikanische Strafrecht«; »Oxford Handbook of Legal History«; »Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI«.

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Die Krise des modernen Strafrechts in vergleichend-historischer Perspektive. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Alexander Mayr und Sascha Ziemann

2022. 380 S.
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