Image: Mario Fabricio Amoretti Navarro
Mario Fabricio Amoretti Navarro

Mario Fabricio Amoretti Navarro, born in Peru, 1983. In 2007 Mario graduated with a BA in Law at the University of Lima [Law School], and in 2007 he received his law degree from the same University. After Mario graduated from law school, he worked as a White Collar Defense Attorney in Lima. Amoretti also received an MA in Criminal Law from the University of San Marcos, subsequently completing a JD studies programme. In 2011 he moved to Munich with a DAAD scholarship, where he pursued further study of Law, and also Philosophy: In 2013 he received an LLM from the University of Munich, and in 2017 a BA in Philosophy from the Munich School of Philosophy. Throughout 2021 and 2022, he completed further JD studies at the University of Munich, where he also received an MA in Philosophy. Since May 2020, Amoretti has been working as a Compliance Officer in a multinational German company, with headquarters in Munich.

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