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Liviu Zidaru

Liviu Zidaru studied law in Bucharest. Since 2004 he has been a judge in Romania, first at the 4th District Court Bucharest, then at the Regional Court (Tribunal) Bucharest and currently at the Court of Appeal (Curtea de Apel) Bucharest, 4th Civil Section – specialized in general civil law and intellectual property. In 2013, he received a Ph.D. summa cum laude with his work »Court competence in Romania and Germany« (published 2015). Other relevant publications are a monography on court competence in the Brussels I bis Regulation (2017) as well as a course on civil procedure (2020). He is maître de conférence in the field of civil procedural law and court organization at the Law Faculty of the University of Bucharest.

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Neue Kodifikationen zwischen französischen, deutschen oder österreichischen und europäisch internationalen Einflüssen

2023. 226 S.
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