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Johann Braun

Johann Braun studied law in Heidelberg and Mannheim and passed both state law exams. In 1979 he received his doctorate under Hans-Martin Pawlowski on a civil procedural topic and in 1982 he habilitated in the subjects of civil procedural law, civil law, legal philosophy and the history of private law in modern times. From 1983 to 1988 he was full professor in Trier and from 1988 to 2011 in Passau. He has been retired since 2011. He is the author of numerous books and essays on legal dogma, legal philosophy and contemporary history.

Books by this Author

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Zur Struktur des juristischen Denkens

2022. 127 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 59,90 €

2. Teil: Die Grundlagen des geltenden Restitutionsrechts

1985. 496 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 119,90 €

1.Teil: Der Rechtsbehelf gem. § 826 BGB gegen rechtskräftige Urteile

1979. 324 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 74,90 €

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