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Gabriele Schneider

Gabriele Schneider degrees in law at the University of Vienna (Mag. Iur. 1986, Ph.D. 1991). Study of Business Adminstration (1982-1983) at the Vienna university of Economics. 1986 – 2000 university assistant at the Department für Austrian und European Legal History, 2001-2008 private sector. Since 2008 assistant professor at the faculty of Law (Vienna University). Main fields of research: history of foundation law and social law, women in legal professions.

Books by this Author

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Regionale Identitäten in einer »zusammengesetzten Monarchie« (17. bis 20. Jahrhundert)

2019. 283 S.

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Tagung der Vereinigung für Verfassungsgeschichte in Wien vom 24. bis 26. Februar 2014

2015. 194 S.

from 59,90 €

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