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Erik Gawel

Erik Gawel is Full Professor of Economics, esp. Institutional Environmental Economics, Director of the Institute for Infrastructure and Resource Management (University of Leipzig) and Head of the Department of Economics at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ (Leipzig). Furthermore, he serves as a Publicly Certified Expert for Public Cost Accounting. As such, he is consultant to several German local authorities, municipal supplier and public enterprises with respect to water and waste water pricing and management as well as forensic expert for water and waste water pricing. His scientific research fields comprise, inter alia, public finance aspects of water policy, particularly economic instruments (water tariffs and charges), cost accounting for water pricing and new institutional economics of water resources (political economy of water resources management, water law and economics). He has conducted numerous interdisciplinary studies on water policy issues in Germany, the EU as well as at the international level and is, as an economist, also considered an excellent connoisseur of water law. Outstanding expertise in the field of water pricing has made Erik Gawel one of Germany's leading and most recognised experts.

Books by this Author

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Challenges for the Implementation of the Principle of Cost Recovery for Water Services

2016. 117 S.

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Band 1: Rahmenbedingungen, Herausforderungen und Optionen

2015. Tab., Abb.; 407 S.

from 89,90 €


Band 2: Nachhaltigkeitsinstitutionen zur Steuerung von Wasserinfrastruktursystemen

2015. Tab., Abb.; 565 S.

from 107,90 €

Interdependenz kalkulatorischer Kostenarten und Verständnis »betriebswirtschaftlicher Grundsätze« als Probleme der Bemessung kommunaler Benutzungsgebühren

1999. 141 S.

from 49,90 €

Ökonomische, ökologische und rechtliche Ansätze einer gesamtwirtschaftlichen Neuorientierung

1995. Tab., Abb.; 414 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 79,90 €

Zur Bedeutung und möglichen Ausgestaltung einer Indirekteinleiterabgabe

1994. 76 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 31,90 €

Karl-Heinrich Hansmeyer zur Vollendung seines 65. Lebensjahres

1994. Tab., Abb.; 360 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 79,90 €

Allokative Effekte instrumentell diversifizierter Lenkungsstrategien für Umweltgüter

1991. XIV, 197 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 62,90 €

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