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Eric Hilgendorf

Eric Hilgendorf is professor of law at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg and chairman of the Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Legal Theory, Information and Computer Science Law. He holds a degree in philosophy, modern history, and law at the University of Tübingen (BA/MA equivalent), attained a PhD in philosophy for a work entitled »Argumentation in Jurisprudence« and a PhD iur. in law for a work entitled »Criminal Law Liability for Producers in the Society of Risk«. In 1996 Hilgendorf habilitated in the fields of criminal law, criminal procedure, and legal philosophy with the publication »On the Distinction between Statements of Facts and Statements of Norms in Criminal Law«. From 2010 to 2012 he has served as the Dean of the Law Faculty in Würzburg.

Books by this Author

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Festschrift für Marcelo Sancinetti zum 70. Geburtstag

2020. Frontispiz; 1155 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 179,90 €

Würzburg Conference on Human Dignity, Human Rights and Criminal Law in Israel and Germany, July 20–22, 2015

2018. 223 S.

from 71,90 €

Ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch

2013. 1135 S.

from 89,90 €

Ringvorlesung zur Strafrechtsgeschichte und Strafrechtsphilosophie

2007. 255 S.

from 79,90 €

entwickelt am Beispiel des Betruges und der Beleidigung

1998. 269 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 62,90 €

Zur Rezeption von analytischer Philosophie und kritischer Theorie in der Grundlagenforschung der Jurisprudenz

1991. Abb.; 235 S.
Available as:  Book, Ebook

from 53,90 €

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