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SOEP 2010 (JCE 2/2011)

Proceedings of the 9th International Socio-Economic Panel User Conference

2011. p. 207–429.
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ISBN 978-3-428-13743-5


Inhalt: Editorial: SOEP 2010: The 9th International Socio-Economic Panel User Conference - Family and Inequality: Oliver Arránz Becker / Daniel Lois, Leisure-related Opportunity Costs and the Transition to Motherhood. A Panel Analysis - Anke Radenacker, Economic Consequences of Family Break-Ups. Income before and after Family Break-Ups of Women in Germany and the United States - Sabine Keller, Biographical Consequences of Teenage Motherhood in Germany - Friedhelm Pfeiffer / Ruben R. Seiberlich, Disconnected Young Adults in Germany: Initial Evidence - Intergenerational Transmission: Thomas Leopold / Thorsten Schneider, Gifts, Bequests, and Social Inequality in West Germany - Dean R. Lillard, Keeping it in the Family? If Parents Smoke Do Children Follow? - Veronika V. Eberharter, The Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Disadvantages and Social Exclusion: Constraints on Social Mobility - Labour Market Mobility: Johannes Giesecke / Jan Paul Heisig, Destabilization and Destandardization: For Whom? The Development of West German Job Mobility since 1984 - Annette Bergemann / Regina T. Riphahn, The Introduction of a Short-Term Earnings-Related Parental Leave Benefit System and Differential Effects on Employment Intentions - Paul Schmelzer, Consequences of Job Mobility for the Subsequent Earnings at the Beginning of the Employment Career in Germany and the UK - Anna Manzoni / Irma Mooi-Reci, Early Unemployment and Subsequent Career Complexity: A Sequence-Based Perspective - Income Inequality: Martin Biewen / Andos Juhasz, Can Employment Changes Explain Rising Income Inequality in Germany? - Gulgun Bayaz / Richard V. Burkhauser / Kenneth A. Couch, Trends in Intragenerational Income Mobility in the Western States of Germany and the United States (1984-2006) - Gunther Schmaus / Sally Bould, Equivalence Scales and the Cost of Children: The Case of Household Splits in Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom - Health: Sten Becker / Karin Kurz, Social Inequality in Early Childhood Health. Participation in the Preventive Health Care Program for Children - Patrick Hullegie / Tobias J. Klein, The Effect of Private Health Insurance on Doctor Visits, Hospital Nights, and Self-Assessed Health: Evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel - Policy Effects on Behaviour: Ursina Kuhn, Persuasion Effects in Electoral Campaigns. A Comparative Analysis of Household Panel Data - Josef Brüderl / Volker Ludwig, Does a Smoking Ban Reduce Smoking? Evidence from Germany

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