People on the Move – Migrants, Refugees, and Citizenship Rights (RT 1/2020)
Rechtstheorie (RT), Volume 51, Issue 1
2020. p. 1–128.
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ISBN 978-3-428-18324-1


»People on the Move. Migrants, Refugees, and Citizenship Rights«: This special issue collects papers given at a conference convened at the University of Tallinn, Estonia, in February 2019 to discuss on migration and citizenship rights. »People are on the move« – this is an evidence from which the discussion took start. A mass of destitute people migrate both for economic and political reasons from the poor South of the world to the rich North. The question then is how to deal with this epochal movement of people and with their needs and rights. Is there a right for a migrant to have access to the country she will enter to? Is citizenship necessarily exclusive? Could belonging be conceived as a porose condition?


Massimo La Torre
Preface to a Discussion

I. The Fact of Migration: Globalization and Freedom of Movement

Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
Citizenship and Migration in a Globalized World

Luís Pereira Coutinho
The Equality Gap

II. A Right to Migration? Why Borders?

Christine Chwaszczca
Migration and the Unity of Society: A Liberal Perspective

Dietmar von der Pfordten
Citizenship and Humanism

Stephan Kirste
A European Common Area for Asylum – An Argument from Legal Philosophy

III. After Migration: Citizenship

Volker H. Schmidt and Thomas Gutmann
National Citizenship and Categorical Inequality. Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives

Agustín José Menéndez and Espen D. H. Olsen
The Odd Citizenship out: European Citizenship in the Mirror of the Internal and External Other

Massimo La Torre
Europe Lost – Voices on Citizenship and Exile

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