Institutions in Development Research: Buzzword or Real Impact? (JCE 1–2/2017)
Journal of Contextual Economics (JCE), Volume 137, Issue 1–2
2017. p. 1–192.
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ISBN 978-3-428-15436-4


In recent years, economists and social scientists have (re-)discovered the impact of institutions on growth and development. Moreover, by now the insight that »institutions matter« has become common wisdom, not only in academia but also in development organizations and in politics. The papers in this volume intend to shed light on the question whether »institution« is just a new buzzword or whether the inclusion of the institutional dimension of development provides real and politically relevant insights.


Magdalene Silberberger and Joachim Zweynert

Alice Nicole Sindzingre
Institutions as a Composite Concept: Explaining their Indeterminate Relationships with Economic Outcomes

Christian Berker
The Geopolitical Context for Institutional Change: The Case of Prussia in the 17th and 18th Century

Johanna Friederike Goetter
Development, Informal Institutions and Agency Analyzed through the Lens of New Institutional Anthropology: A Modification of Ensminger's Framework on Institutional Change

Valentin Seidler
Institutional Copying in the 20th Century: The Role of 14,000 British Colonial Officers

Janis Kluge
Can Regulatory Competition Improve Contracting Institutions? A Russian Tale of Two Reforms

Jude Ndzifon Kimengsi and Balgah Roland Azibo
Repositioning Local Institutions in Natural Resource Management: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa

Ngozi Adeleye, Evans Osabuohien and Ebenezer Bowale
The Role of Institutions in the Finance-Inequality Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa

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