Health and Labour Markets (JCE 4/2015)
2015. p. 411–562.
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54,90 €
ISBN 978-3-428-15057-1


Gert G. Wagner und Joachim Wagner

Christian Pfeifer
Unfair Wage Perceptions and Sleep: Evidence from German Survey Data

Elena Shvartsman and Michael Beckmann
Stressed by Your Job: Does Personnel Policy Matter?

Daniel Arnold and Marco de Pinto
How are Work-related Characteristics Linked to Sickness Absence and Presenteeism? Theory and Data

Tobias Brändle
Productivity Signalling and Further Training. Evidence on Absence Behaviour, Presenteeism and Overtime Hours of German Employees

Inna Petrunyk, Christian Pfeifer, Sebastian Fischer, and Anita Wiemer
Before-After Differences in Labor Market Outcomes for Participants in Medical Rehabilitation in Germany

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