Demography, Social Institutions, and Individual Outcomes (JCE 2/2012)
2012. p. 147–357.
Available as
54,90 €
ISBN 978-3-428-13925-5


Ralf K. Himmelreicher and Carsten Schröder
Editorial – Introduction to the Special Issue: Demography, Social Institutions, and Individual Outcomes

Rembrandt Scholz and Carsten Schröder
Demographic Trends in Germany and their Economic Implications

Uwe Fachinger and Ralf K. Himmelreicher
Income Mobility – Curse or Blessing? Mobility in Social Security Earnings: Data on West-German Men since 1950

Anita Tisch and Silke Tophoven
Employment Biographies of the German Baby Boomer Generation

Ulrike Doerr and Katharina Schulte
Betting on a Long Life – the Role of Subjective Life Expectancy in the Demand for Private Pension Insurance of German Households

Charlotte Bartels
Redistribution and Insurance in the German Welfare State

Lena Mareike Detlefsen
Earnings Inequality – Does the Accounting Period Matter?

Gisela Hostenkamp and Michael Stolpe
The Social Costs of Health-related Early Retirement in Germany: Evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel

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