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Cover Normen im Labor

Eine Annäherung an H. L. A. Harts Teilnehmerperspektive aus Sicht der experimentellen Verhaltensökonomie

Special volume 15 of the Hegel Yearbook

Cover Zur kritischen Funktion des absoluten Geistes in Hegels Phänomenologie des Geistes
»The Critical Function of Absolute Spirit in Hegel´s ›Phenomenology of Spirit‹«:This book deals with the critical function of absolute spirit within Hegel´s »Phenomenology of Spirit«. The first section is an analysis of the three chapters on spirit which focuses on the development of forms of normativity, while the second section reconstructs Hegel's chapters on religion and absolute knowing. Absolute spirit, as a result of its core structure of reflexivity, enacts instances of [...]
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