Philosophische Prämissen evaluativer Diskurse und politiktheoretische Auswirkungen einiger ihrer prominenteren Resultate

Valuations. Philosophical Premises of Moral Discourses and some of the Political Consequences
2021. 175 S.
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»Valuations. Philosophical Premises of Moral Discourses and some of the Political Consequences«

Concerning the problems of valuation, the philosophical tradition knows of two different approaches: the first sees all values which we are appreciating as unchangeable premises of an eternal orientation, the second tries to persuade us to concede, that we are merely following subjective rules, created by our education or even made up by ourselves as we go along. The book proposes a new perspective – based a on the fact that we are creatures using signs to find our ways around. Exemplifying the consequences of this result some problems of political freedom and equality, of the welfare state and of migration are integrated.


A. Prämissen
Umwertung – Das Tragische, die Werte und das Böse – Die Freiheit und der Wille – Kulturen
B. Analysen
Der wertphilosophische Subjektivismus – Der wertphilosophische Objektivismus – Der wertphilosophische Intersubjektivismus – Semiotische Axiologie
C. Applikationen
Der Grundwert des Politischen – Aus- und Einwanderung – Der Sozialstaat – Die Gleichheit der Bürger – Schlußüberlegung
Personen- und Sachregister

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