Was wollen wir, wenn wir arbeiten?

Honneth, Hegel und die Grundlagen der Kritik des Neoliberalismus

What Should Our Workplace Look Like?
2017. 88 S.
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»What Should Our Workplace Look Like?«

What should our workplace look like? Why does it often fail to live up to our expectations? According to Axel Honneth, members of modern Western societies wish to realize a kind of social freedom within the workplace that involves specific forms of cooperation and recognition. For Honneth, neoliberal capitalism is deficient because it cannot realize the institutional requirements that are necessary to bring this freedom about. This volume reconstructs the foundations of Honneth's critique of neoliberalism, diagnoses some of the issues with his account, and explains how these can be addressed through recourse to Hegel's social philosophy.



1. Honneths Sozialphilosophie und die Kritik des Neoliberalismus

2. Was wollen wir, wenn wir arbeiten?

3. Vier Probleme

4. Hegels Sozialphilosophie

5. Die sittliche Gesinnung der Mitglieder moderner Gesellschaften

6. Was wollen wir, wenn wir arbeiten?

7. Die sittliche Ambivalenz von Märkten

8. Drei Thesen

9. Die Grundlagen der Kritik des Neoliberalismus

10. Schluss


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