Was bleibt von Nietzsches Philosophie?
What Does Nietzsche's Philosophy Mean?
2018. 2 Abb.; 93 S.
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»What Does Nietzsche's Philosophy Mean?«

What is meant when we speak about »Nietzsche's philosophy«? Is it a set of doctrines – will to power, eternal recurrence of the same, overman? But how should we deal with the fact that Nietzsche constantly interrupts himself and constantly refuses all doctrinal fixings? Is this an attempt to fundamentally problematize the belief in philosophy as a set of doctrines? Maybe philosophy – as this book shows – is something completely different: another kind of practice.


Was bleibt von Nietzsches Philosophie?

1. Nietzsches Freiburg
2. Freiburgs Nietzsche
3. Was bleibt von Nietzsches Philosophie?
4. Was bleibt von Nietzsches Philosophie?
5. Ein Schild

Nietzsche, kulturphilosophisch

1. Nietzsche und die Entstehung der Kulturphilosophie
2. Kultur bei Nietzsche
3. Nietzsche, kulturphilosophisch, für die Gegenwart

Philosophie als Wagnis


Zum Autor

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