Values, Rights and Duties in Legal and Philosophical Discourse
2005. VII, 274 S.
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Das vorliegende Beiheft der Zeitschrift »Rechtstheorie« fasst Tagungsergebnisse des 21. Weltkongresses der Internationalen Vereinigung für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie zusammen, der 2003 in Lund abgehalten wurde. Insgesamt fünf Sektionen präsentieren hier ihre Ergebnisse, u.a. zu den Themen »Integration of Democracy and Law with Markets and Morality« oder »Legal Norms as Reasons for Action – Universalism versus Particularism«.


Inhalt: S. Strömholm, Human Rights and the Philosophy of Law. Address at the Inauguration of the 21st IVR World Congress, Lund, Sweden, 12 August 2003 - I. Integration of Democracy and Law with Markets and Morality: K. Avio, Legitimacy, Market Order, and Experimental Economics - F. F. Cruz, In Search of the Moral Foundation of Law and Politics - A. M. Macleod, When Freedoms Conflict - D. A. Reidy, Reciprocity Confronts Reasonable Disagreement. From Liberal to Democratic Legitimacy - II. On Transformation of Legal Systems and Crafting Stability: Rights, Rules or Institutions?: C. B. Gray, Tarde on Legitimacy in Legal Procedure - B. M. Leiser, The Evils of Saddam's Regime in Light of International Law and Morality - L. J. Mazor, Deligitimating Deligitimacy: The U.S. Supreme Court Decides a Presidential Election - D. Mokrosinska, From Natural Duties to Political Obligation. A Problematic Passage - M. Roumeliotis, The Disappearance of Reason from Public Affairs and the Consequent Change in the Concepts of the Law, the Judge and the Legal Dispute - III. Law as Black-Letter Law, Law as Contextual and Judicial Review: B. Anderson, »Context« in Canadian Law and Adjudication - K. Fukui, On the Coupling between Conflict Management and Realization of General Rules of Law. In Relation to Justice System Reform in Japan - V.-P. Hautamäki, Judicial Activism and »the Final Frontier«. Remarks on the Nordic Law - H.-R. Horn, Judges versus Legislators. Some Critical Remarks an Judicial Review - IV. Legal Norms as Reasons for Action - Universalism versus Particularism: U. Bindreiter, The Modality of Kelsen's Sollsatz - M. C. Redondo, Legal Reasons - J.-R. Sieckmann, Principles as Normative Arguments - G. Tuzet, Abduction and Deduction: Epistemic Justice vs. Political Justice? - V. Fundamentals of Legal Argumentation and Adjudication - The Argument from Consequences: E. T. Feteris, Arguments from Unacceptable Consequences in the Justification of Judicial Opinions - H. J. R. Kaptein, Secrets of Confidentiality: Adjudication ad Ignorantiam against Material Rights and Justice? - H. Malm, Automatic Transfers from Juvenile Court. On Moral Legitimacy of Trying Juveniles as Adults Based on the Size of the Crime - S. E. Rodríguez Boente, The Value of Citcumstantial Reasoning in the Determination of the Facts. Special Reference to Trial by Jury

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